A benign atmosphere at an historical site

The spa hotel Nidelbad was mentioned for the first time in 1513 and described as an exceptional mineral well. Its name “Nidelbad” is based on the sulphurous bath water coated by a light yellow film (Nidel=cream). However, the original well has run dry a long time ago.

The taking over of the Nidelbad by the Swiss Diakonie Association in 1908 marked the beginning of a new source of inspiration: the provision of services to people in need of quiet and relaxation.

  • Health resort  Nidelbad 1908
  • Carriage rides with Nidelbad sisters
  • Boys get-together
  • At the poolside
  • Community Nidelbad
  • Health resort Nidelbad


Brochure 100 years Diakonie Nidelbad (german)